8 Best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in Georgia

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are probably the world’s sweetest, most affectionate, and friendliest breeds. Choosing to welcome this fluffy bundle of love into your home is set to multiply your happiness a hundredfold.

However, finding a reliable breeder can sometimes be tricky. But let me tell you – you’re in good hands!

In this article, I will be highlighting some popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Georgia and I’ll also share my experience on how to identify a quality breeder and ensure your new puppy is coming from a trustworthy source.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies for Sale in Georgia

  • Battlefield Cavaliers
  • Chinaberry Acres Cavaliers
  • Rivershyre Cavaliers 
  • Ruby and Black Cavaliers
  • Houzabout Cavaliers
  • Briarcliff Cavaliers
  • Brookhaven Cavaliers
  • Monticello Cavaliers

Battlefield Cavaliers 

Nestled in the stunning northwest Georgia mountains, just below Chattanooga, TN, Battlefield Cavaliers is a respected show breeder of purebred AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. With a strong focus on producing exceptional companions known for their beauty, health, type, and temperament, Battlefield Cavaliers treats their dogs as beloved family members. 

The breeder carefully plans their litters to enhance their own household and show team, occasionally offering pet puppies to approved homes. Battlefield Cavaliers strives to provide Cavaliers of exceptional quality, bringing joy and unwavering companionship to their new families.


“Battlefield Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is the absolute best! Thank you Suzi! Our boy is grand!”

“I grew up with Cavaliers and am very familiar with the breed. I did a lot of research when choosing a breeder and was so impressed with Suzie and everything she does to ensure you’re getting a healthy and happy puppy! We now have two boy pups- a 2.5 year old and a 15 month old that both came from Suzie and I can’t recommend Battlefield and Suzie enough!”

Chinaberry Acres Cavaliers 

Chinaberry Acres is a reputable breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, dedicated to raising both beautiful and healthy dogs. As AKC-compliant breeders, they prioritize the well-being of their parent dogs by conducting thorough OFA health testing. 

Through diligent research and genetic testing, Chinaberry Acres works to prevent the passing down of known health issues. Count on them to provide healthy and well-tempered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels known for their intelligence and beauty.


“Our experience with Gregg and Cathy at Chinaberry Acres in Lavonia was just what we were seeking.  Their small town feel and approach to breeding Cavaliers was very personal and easy going. Their pups were surround by older dogs hor help in training and it was clear they received the proper attention they deserve. Our puppy Bentley, has been a joy. She’s essentially slept through the night since we got her at 9 weeks. She has lots of character and has been smart, easily trainable and very sweet with our children.  We highly recommend Chinaberry Acres and do so often when we’re asked where we got that adorable puppy.”

“How lucky we were surfing the internet to find Gregg and his newly born 6 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! We bought Charlie back in February 2019, drove 312 miles and got there just in time to get our pick before they were all gone! He is now 2 years old and has caused us no problems at all. We’re really proud of Charlie, He’s so sweet and beautiful and he’s just the talk of the neighborhood when I take him walking. If you’re wanting the perfect dog that’s easy to house train, feed and be a Great Companion then don’t hesitate in making your choice for one of these dogs. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.”

Rivershyre Cavaliers 

Tim and Barbara Firestine’s Rivershyre Cavaliers is a sincere initiative that grew out of their love for the breed. As an older couple, they consider new puppies owners as extended family, cherishing the shared experiences with their beautiful Cavaliers. With limited numbers of puppies per year, their focus is on providing a personalized and loving home environment. 

Their goal is to bring the finest puppies into the world and create lasting connections with new families. Explore their website to learn more about Rivershyre Cavaliers and the possibility of welcoming one of their cherished puppies into your home.


“I totally recommend the Rivershyre Cavaliers of Georgia. I have never met such too nice people as Barbara and Tim. they make you feel like part of the family and it shows through all of their dogs the time and effort and love in that home. I wish everyone could be like them. I would recommend them to anyone over and over again and I’ll definitely be back to adopt one of her beautiful babies. I enjoyed it so much. I did not want to leave. I felt like one of the pack. thank you Barbara and Tim for everything. you don’t know how much it means to me, I have a lot of respect for you. keep up the awesome work. you deserve it!”

“Highly recommend, they have gorgeous Cavaliers. You’ll come in excited, wanting a Cavalier, and leave, with an adorable Cavalier, becoming part of their beautiful family. We have two, of their beautiful Cavaliers, and would only come back to them. They’ve become family!”

Ruby and Black Cavaliers

Ruby and Black Cavaliers is a family breeder of AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies based in North Georgia. With a passion for the breed, they source their Cavaliers from various locations worldwide, specializing in ruby and black and tan colored puppies. 

They prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs by ensuring rigorous examinations, including OFA heart evaluations, ophthalmologist checks at the University of Georgia, and OFA patella screenings.

Testimonials: N/A

Houzabout Cavaliers 

Houzabout Cavaliers is a small hobby breeder and exhibitor of quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels located in the Southeast. With a love for animals since childhood, their fascination with the breed began in 2007. They are dedicated members of reputable organizations and prioritize raising Cavaliers in a loving home environment. 

Houzabout Cavalier’s goal is to raise healthy, beautiful, and well-socialized puppies that meet the AKC breeding standard. Passionate about the Cavalier breed, they strive to bring joy and happiness to families through their exceptional Cavaliers.

Testimonials: N/A

Briarcliff Cavaliers

With a lifelong love for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, the owner’s passion was sparked by Lady from “Lady and the Tramp” and European Old Masters’ paintings. After finally encountering a Cavalier in person, their dream of owning one became a reality. 

Through dedicated study and involvement in the breed community, Briarcliff Cavaliers became knowledgeable breeders committed to producing healthy dogs with good temperaments. Their Cavaliers receive top-notch care, including regular health certifications and a loving home environment.

Testimonials: N/A

Brookhaven Cavaliers

Paula Ayers and Brenda Martz, passionate sisters from Madison, Georgia, founded the Brookhaven Cavaliers in 1995. They are dedicated breeders of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and have achieved remarkable success. 

The sisters have raised 30 AKC champions. Paula and Brenda are also judges, actively involved in canine organizations, and deeply committed to promoting and preserving the breed.

Testimonials: N/A

Monticello Cavaliers

The last member on our list of Cavalier King Charles breeders in Georgia is Monticello Cavaliers. This is a dedicated mother-daughter team, that takes pride in being ethical and responsible breeders of exquisite Cavaliers. They prioritize health, temperament, and structure in their breeding program. 

There are strict testing procedures in place, including yearly heart and eye exams by board-certified veterinary specialists. They also perform tests for CCS, DE, and EF and make sure their trusted veterinarian examines the patellae.


“My lovebug, Rosie, passed her ATD (Alliance of Therapy Dogs) test today! Just a few observation visits and she’ll be an approved therapy dog! ”

“So proud to announce that our girl, Duchess, won Best of Breed today at the Lake Eustis Kennel Club show in Ocala, FL!”

Breeders from a nearby state: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in Florida

Tips for Finding a Reputable Breeder

In this section, let’s set aside the previous breeder directory I’ve mentioned.

Despite the fact that I’ve put a good amount of time to research and compile a list of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Georgia, I need you to know that I’ve never directly bought a dog from any of them.

So, view this list as an initial step for your comprehensive exploration. My goal here is to share my experience and assist you in discerning the difference between a reliable breeder and one that may not be as trustworthy.

Here’s how to proceed:

Characteristics of a Reputable Breeder

Produces healthy, well-socialized puppies with great temperaments
Provides information on pedigree and health history
Practices transparency in their breeding program and methods
Specializes in raising a maximum of two breeds
Offers a purchase contract and health guarantee

Produces healthy, well-socialized puppies with great temperaments 

First and foremost, reputable breeders should prioritize the health of their dogs (specifically focusing on the heart, hips, knees, and eyes). Cavaliers, as you already know, are prone to various health problems, so, steer away from breeders that avoid talking about the health tests conducted on their dogs. 

Besides making sure they raise the healthiest puppies by breeding dogs free from genetic issues, they also provide their dogs with unconditional love. Also, their puppies are exposed to a variety of people, environments, sounds, and experiences from an early age, which is crucial for their socialization.

Provides information on pedigree and health history

A trustworthy breeder will share with you comprehensive information about a puppy’s pedigree and the health history of its parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. 

They will have already prepared detailed health records, including veterinary visits, vaccinations, health screenings, etc. However, if a breeder hesitates to give you this information or lacks it – it’s a red flag.

Practices transparency in their breeding program and methods

Transparency is a hallmark of a reliable dog breeder. They’ll invite you to visit their property to witness firsthand their dog-rearing practices. 

Those committed to ethical breeding will take pride in their work, environment, and methods, often enthusiastically showcasing their operations. They feel a sense of accomplishment and are eager to share it with potential puppy parents. 

If a breeder doesn’t allow visits, simply cross it off the list.

Specializes in raising a maximum of two breeds

A reliable breeder specializes in raising a maximum of one or two breeds. Simply because it takes years to gain knowledge and expertise about the specific breed’s characteristics, health issues, and care requirements. 

It’s a reflection of their commitment to quality over quantity. If a breeder raises many dog breeds, I’d look for another one.

Offers a purchase contract and health guarantee

A written contract and health guarantee for the puppy is also a trait of a trustworthy breeder. The contract should detail the terms of the purchase and the responsibilities of both parties.

Additionally, there should be a health guarantee in place that covers hereditary or specific health conditions that might occur within a certain timeframe after purchase. 

Invest Your Time in Doing Research

I’ve already mentioned this, but it’s a really crucial step. So, roll up your sleeves and dig deep.

You may start by exploring the website of the breeder and their overall social presence. Can you find testimonials and comments from previous buyers? Are they registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)? 

Bear in mind that there might be some negative reviews scattered here and there, but if you notice a consistent pattern of poor feedback, this should raise a concern. Another thing you can do is reach out to previous customers and ask for referrals.

Generally speaking, there are various methods to vet a breeder before scheduling a visit.

Meet up With the Breeder in Person

After completing your preliminary research, the next step is to arrange an in-person visit with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder. 

This visit is not just a formality; it actually provides an opportunity to observe the cleanliness of the kennel and the living conditions in which the dogs are raised. 

Also, are animals happy and well cared for? Are caretakers genuinely committed to their work?

A face-to-face meeting with the breeder also allows for open communication. They should be receptive to any questions you might have about their work or the puppies.

However, keep in mind that breeders might sometimes postpone visits if the puppies have not yet reached an appropriate age for socialization. Don’t let this discourage you; it’s simply a sign of their commitment to their puppies’ welfare.

How Much Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Cost in Georgia?

The price of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy can be influenced by factors such as the breeder’s reputation, color variation, pedigree, and lineage. You can typically expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000. However, puppies that stand out for their exceptional beauty or boast champion bloodlines could cost even more.

While the initial purchase price is a significant factor, remember that owning a pet involves several ongoing costs. These include expenditures on food, toys, grooming supplies, regular veterinary care, and pet insurance, which can range anywhere from $80 to $150 per month.


When considering the purchase of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy in Georgia (or in any state), it’s crucial to carefully select a breeder. Seek out those who prioritize the health, temperament, socialization, and genetics of their Cavaliers.

Take this article as a starting point, so it’s essential to conduct your own in-depth research. Checking online reputations, asking for references from previous buyers, and visiting the breeders in person are all critical steps in the process. 

Finally, here’s a table with the contact information for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Georgia:

Breeder Name Website Contact
Battlefield Cavaliers Battlefield Cavaliers battlefieldcavaliers@gmail.com
Chinaberry Acres Cavaliers Chinaberry Acres Cavaliers cathyhallford7305@gmail.com
Rivershyre Cavaliers  Rivershyre Cavaliers firestine1125@outlook.com
Ruby and Black Cavaliers Ruby and Black Cavaliers huffjenniferm@gmail.com
Houzabout Cavaliers Houzabout Cavaliers houzaboutcavaliers@yahoo.com
Briarcliff Cavaliers Briarcliff Cavaliers Info@BriarcliffCavaliers.com
Brookhaven Cavaliers Brookhaven Cavaliers info@brookhavencavaliers.com
Monticello Cavaliers Monticello Cavaliers monticav@bellsouth.net

Are you a Georgia-based Cavalier King Charles breeder but aren’t listed here? Feel free to get in touch with us at website.ilovecavaliers@gmail.com.

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