How is Pet Food Made?

It’s important to educate yourself about how pet foods are made. Some common business practices may shock you!

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  • Did you know that when reading a pet food label, “chicken meal” is a healthier ingredient than just “chicken”?
    • Fresh chicken as an ingredient includes the flesh, skin, bones, and water from the bird. As a pet food ingredient, “chicken” is approximately 70% water with only about 18% protein and 5% fat.
    • Chicken “meal” is rendered from chicken by reducing the water content, resulting in a higher quality ingredient with perhaps 65% protein and 12% healthy fat!
  • So-called “natural” dog foods may still include harmful chemicals and preservatives. The FDA has not defined the term “natural” for use in pet food labels.
  • Dog food manufacturers are not required to list preservatives that they themselves do not add to the product.  They are allowed to ignore the possibility that the meat they received from rendering plants was already contaminated.

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