Bones & Chews

Porky Puffs made by Life's Abundance
Easily digestible Porky Puffs from Life’s Abundance

There is considerable difference of opinion on the subject of giving a dog ‘real’ bones. Most agree that it is not wise to feed a dog a cooked bone, such as a leftover chicken bone.

Bones become brittle from the heat of cooking and then can splinter in your dog’s mouth and digestive tract.

However, many dog owners feel that feeding a dog raw bones is safe and can be helpful in keeping their teeth clean. Chicken necks are often recommended for small dogs as poultry bones do not splinter when raw.

For those who wish to avoid the ‘real’ bone controversy altogether, there are numerous alternatives that are safe for dogs, including nylon or synthetic bones, edible snack bones, and pork-hide chews.

Image of Grain-Free Turkey & Berry Chewies from
Grain-Free Turkey & Berry Chewies

Pork-hide is more digestible than Rawhide

Rawhide chews are difficult for many dogs to digest. Pork hide products (made into chews or “porky puffs”) are a healthier choice as they can be fully processed by your pet’s digestive system.

Recently, there has also been some question about the safety of giving your pet Greenies. 

Greenies are made from wheat gluten which can distress allergy-prone canines. Additionally, Greenies are high in calories, so they aren’t the best choice for overweight pets.