Canned or Dry Dog Food?

Life's Abundance canned or dry dog food
Our choice: Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food – either canned or dry

There are several factors to consider when deciding between canned vs. dry dog food. Most important to the health and longevity of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a balanced diet, freshly made from good quality food sources, free of hormones and artificial flavors/colors.


  • Buy the best quality pet food you can afford. The better nutritional value will pay dividends in a happier pet and fewer trips to the Vet in the long term.
  • In general, dry kibble is typically somewhat less expensive than canned dog food.


  • Buying pet food from a local retail store may be very convenient, but studies have shown that these products may have spent up to 18 months in shipment or storage before they reach the shelf of your local pet store.
  • Pet food manufacturers who sell directly to the market, like Life’s Abundance, are better choices.  They can provide pet food within a few short weeks after production for maximum freshness –  not to mention the convenience of delivering your pet’s food directly to your door!

Storage & Spoilage

  • Dry pet food is quite easy to store. A tightly sealed plastic bin or other containers will generally keep insects out of your pet’s kibble and makes it easy to portion out just the amount you want to give your dog.
  • Unopened cans of dog food are easy to store, but saving any unused food is more bothersome and prone to spoilage.


  • Canned dog food typically has a stronger smell than dry kibble, though this depends greatly on the particular product and its freshness.
  • Canned food may be a good option for older pets who have a diminished sense of smell.

Water Content

  • Canned pet food obviously has a greater water content than dry foods. If you have a pet that is not drinking a sufficient amount of freshwater naturally, canned food may help.
  • You generally can, however, add water to your pet’s dry kibble at any time.

Using Food as Treats

  • A few small morsels of dry kibble make a great training treat for your Cavalier, whereas canned dog food doesn’t easily lend itself to other uses.

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