Top 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in Colorado

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are not only a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts but also home to numerous dog lovers. Among the many popular breeds here, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stands out due to its friendly disposition, elegant appearance, and loyal nature.

However, finding the perfect Cavalier puppy is not as straightforward as it may appear. It’s imperative to choose a breeder who prioritizes health, temperament, and ethical breeding practices.

In this article, I will introduce you to some of the most renowned Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Colorado. Additionally, I’ll share my experiences and discuss key attributes of a trustworthy breeder, as well as those red flags that suggest you should continue your search elsewhere.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in Colorado

  • Elabee Cavaliers
  • Mile High Cavaliers
  • Cottonwood Puppies
  • Colorful Cavaliers

Elabee Cavaliers

Located in suburban Denver, the McKinnons family raises Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that enjoy a joyful life on a vast two-acre farm. Under Elabee’s wing, the dogs have ample space to roam, treats to relish, and a pool to chill in under careful supervision.

Elabee produces one to two carefully planned litters per year. Raised in a nurturing environment, these puppies embody health, longevity, and great temperaments. This quality is ensured through health tests and OFA certifications for hips, eyes, patellas, and hearts for all breeding dogs.

For those considering bringing Cavalier puppies into their home, Elabee has a concise questionnaire designed to ensure the best possible match. 

Mile High Cavaliers

Mile High Cavaliers is a CKCS breeder whose dogs aren’t just pets, but treasured family members. They take pride in exhibiting their dogs at American Kennel Club (AKC) and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA (CKCSC) events.

Mile High Cavaliers breed twice a year, with usually all four Cavalier colors: Blenheim, Tricolor, Black and Tan, and Ruby. All their dogs undergo rigorous health tests before breeding and are duly registered with the AKC and CKCSC USA.

The breeder also emphasizes both good temperament and physical health in their dogs. They are committed to responsible breeding and understand that the details of each litter – timing, sex, and number of pups – are nature’s decision.

Cottonwood Puppies

Cottonwood Puppies is home to Havanese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies in Colorado, led by the passionate Beckie. Beckie has been dedicated to the art of breeding since 2000, meticulously selecting dams and sires that are free from genetic defects.

Cottonwood Puppies prides itself on offering home-raised puppies with a firm commitment to their health and well-being. Beckie warmly welcomes prospective owners to visit the kennel and meet their potential puppies, as well as their parents. 

Keep in mind that visits are accommodated strictly by appointment and that they do not ship their dogs. Furthermore, Cottonwood Puppies also requires a nonrefundable puppy reservation to ensure a serious commitment from potential owners.

Colorful Cavaliers

Concluding our list of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Colorado with “Colorful Cavaliers”. Under the care of Sandra Phillips, puppies at Colorful Cavaliers enjoy a nurturing home environment where they are socialized with other dogs and accustomed to children from an early age.

Sandra’s deep-rooted love for animals goes beyond her breeding practice. Her professional background as an ICU nurse enhances her approach, infusing a unique blend of compassion and professionalism into her breeding work.

Prior to their transition to new homes, Sandra ensures her puppies receive the best possible care. They are subjected to a comprehensive veterinary examination, de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and registered with the AKC.

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Verifying the Reputation of the Breeder

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the most popular Cavalier breeders in Colorado, let’s shift our focus to how to determine whether a breeder is genuinely trustworthy.

Bear in mind that I have never adopted a puppy from any of these breeders, so conducting your own thorough research here is vital.

In this section of the article, I will share my experiences on how to distinguish between a bad and a good breeder, as well as some additional tips to aid you in making the right decision.

Key Indicators of a Reputable Breeder

  • They Raise Happy, Healthy, Socialized Puppies With Great Temperaments

Standout breeders prioritize the happiness and health of their puppies, and their approach goes far beyond appearances. Their puppies are born to healthy parents that have been subjected to health tests focusing on the heart, eyes, knees, and hips. 

Remember, it’s the parent dogs that need to be free from genetic diseases, not the puppies. Additionally, they make sure their puppies have been socialized with people, other dogs, and exposed to various environments and stimuli from an early age. This is crucial for their development into well-mannered and friendly adult dogs.

  • They Breed a Limited Number of Dog Breeds

You want to deal with breeders that specialize in raising only one or two breeds max. Because it takes YEARS to get a deep understanding of breed-specific characteristics, potential health issues, and behavioral traits. If you meet a breeder who has all sorts of different puppies, you might want to think twice. 

  • They Provide Detailed Information About Your Puppy’s Family

Transparency is another defining characteristic of reputable breeders. They willingly provide comprehensive information about the puppy’s lineage and health history. This includes details about the parents and potentially information stretching back several generations. Just as we all have a family tree, puppies have one too. This will give you an insight into your puppy’s potential size, temperament, and health as it grows.

  • They Offer a Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee

When you purchase something, you expect it to be a quality product, right? The same principle applies to puppies. So, apart from providing a purchase contract that clearly delineates the responsibilities of both parties, reputable breeders usually offer health guarantees against specific genetic health issues. These guarantees typically apply under certain circumstances and remain valid up to the specified age of the puppy (usually between six months and 2 years).

  • They Encourage You to Visit and Meet the Puppies

Trustworthy breeders take pride in their nurturing environments, ethical breeding practices, and, of course, their dogs. As such, they are more than willing to allow potential buyers to visit their premises, meet the puppies, and interact with the parent dogs. If they offer dog shipment but discourage personal visits, consider this a clear red flag!

  • They Help You Even After You Bring Your Puppy Home

Think of a great breeder as a friend who is always there to help. Even after you’ve brought your puppy home, they will continue to answer your queries and offer advice on feeding, training, and more. Mary, the breeder from whom I bought my first Cavalier, has become a lifelong friend.

Types of Breeders to Steer Clear of When Choosing Your Cavalier Puppy

Backyard Breeders

These individuals often have minimal understanding or care for sound breeding practices. They usually have no experience, neglecting to carry out essential health checks or failing to provide suitable living conditions for the animals. Sometimes, all of these issues converge, creating an unhealthy environment for the newborn puppies. Such negligence is a poor start in life for the puppies, which often leads to future health and behavioral complications.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are arguably the worst places from which you could obtain your future pet. These “factory farm” dog-breeding facilities primarily prioritize profit, with little to no regard for the welfare of their animals. Operating under the motto “quantity over quality”, puppies originating from a puppy mill are often inadequately cared for, weaned prematurely from their mothers, and provided insufficient veterinary care.

Pet Stores

While some pet stores collaborate with reputable breeders, a substantial number source their puppies from puppy mills. In other words, if you choose to purchase a Cavalier from a pet store, you run a high risk of acquiring a pet that may be traumatized, with the potential to develop an array of health and behavioral issues.

How Much Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies Cost in Colorado?

The price of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy in Colorado can vary based on several factors, such as color variation, pedigree, lineage, and the breeder’s reputation. Generally, you can expect a Cavalier puppy to cost between $1,500 and $4,000. However, puppies of extraordinary beauty and champion lineage may come with a higher price tag.

As for ongoing expenses like food, toys, grooming, veterinary care, pet insurance, etc., you should budget an additional $80 to $150 per month.


In conclusion, when adopting a Cavalier puppy, it’s critically important to thoughtfully select a breeder. Prioritize those who emphasize the health, temperament, socialization, and genetics of their dogs, and steer clear of those with limited knowledge and/or who breed dogs on a mass scale.

Consider this article as your stepping stone, and make sure to delve deeper into your research about each breeder before you make your choice. It’s also smart to dig into the breeders’ online standing, find out what previous buyers have to say, and set aside some time to pay a personal visit to the breeders.

In the end, here are the contact details for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Colorado:

Breeder Name Contact
Elabee Cavaliers
Mile High Cavaliers
Cottonwood Puppies
Colorful Cavaliers 832-270-0404

Are you a Cavalier breeder located in Colorado and not mentioned in this list? Feel free to contact us at

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