6 Best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in Utah

Are you a dog lover living in Utah and searching for the perfect Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to add to your family? If your answer is yes – you are in the absolutely perfect place!

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of finding the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder in Utah.

I know, you may feel overwhelmed with information and uncertain how to determine if the breeder you have selected is the right one. Especially if you are a first-time dog owner.

That’s where I come in.

Besides introducing the top Cavalier breeders in the state, I will also guide you through all the necessary details you need to know to ensure that the breeder you have chosen is trustworthy and reliable.

Without further ado, let’s find your new furry soulmate!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies for Sale in Utah

  • Robin Creek Cavaliers
  • Showdown Cavaliers
  • Saltayre Cavaliers
  • Red Cliffs Cavaliers
  • Cavalier Love Utah
  • Cache Valley Cavaliers

Robin Creek Cavaliers

About: RobinCreek Cavaliers is a reputable breeder located in Vernal, Utah. They view their Cavaliers as part of their family and give them a comfortable living environment. 

RobinCreek Cavaliers dogs are registered with both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA (CKCSC). They breed their Cavaliers only occasionally, at most twice a year, and take pride in producing healthy puppies by ensuring that all their dogs are fully tested and certified for health prior to breeding. 

In addition to physical health, the breeder prioritizes good temperament as a vital aspect of the breed standard.


“We got our Severus from Robin in May. He has been the best, most loving, and healthy pup. We could not be happier!”

“Our Sweet Rusty came from Robin 13 years ago. He has been the picture of health and the most amazing dog I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life. Because of his excellent disposition and health our next cavalier will definitely be adopted through Robin!”

Showdown Cavaliers

About: Peggy Dixon (the owner) is an experienced Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder from Utah with more than 30 years of experience. Peggy and her family are committed to providing high-quality, healthy puppies that meet breed standards.

Showdown Cavaliers is an AKC-certified kennel that prioritizes dogs’ health, followed by temperament and conformation. They have 2-5 litters per year, and reservations are a must. Potential puppy buyers are welcome to visit their home at any time.


“After my first bad experience with purchasing a puppy I was a bit hesitant. But Peggy put all of those fears to rest. She is absolutely wonderful!! Within an hour of agreeing to buy Little Bit Peggy had her flight arrangements made and her health certification scheduled. We are so happy with Little Bit!! Peggy was a great source of information and willing to answer any questions. I would be glad to recommend her to anyone.”

“Peggy was just wonderful to deal with when we were shopping for a puppy. She was very professional and worked with us to get the puppy across the USA safely. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is. Well mannered and well adjusted. I would recommend Showdown Cavaliers breeder, Peggy Dixon to any one looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.”

Saltayre Cavaliers

About: Saltayre Cavaliers is a well-known breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Utah, owned by Audrey Rogers for over two decades. 

Audrey has a great passion for breeding dogs, and she strives to produce healthy and well-tempered puppies that make excellent ambassadors of the breed.

As an AKC breeder of Merit, Saltayre Cavaliers shows their Cavaliers in AKC conformation shows, and they have finished many of them to their championship and grand championship. The breeder prioritizes health, regularly evaluating their dogs while following the latest information for breed-specific health testing. All of their puppies are home-raised with love and socialization and come with lifetime after-sale support. 

  • Location: Ogden, Utah
  • Website: Saltayre Cavaliers
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Phone: 801-791-9861
  • Email: N/A


“Our Cooper will be 7 on February 1 and has been a joy to my wife and me every day. I can still remember the day I picked him up at our Chattanooga airport, brought him home and surprised my wife.”

“Thank you, Audrey, for “holding our hand” yesterday has we picked out the perfect dog! We appreciate you patiently answering all our questions. We could not have found a better-looking, healthier puppy! Ripley is truly a member of our family now. We highly recommend anyone looking for a high-quality Cavalier to contact you!”

Red Cliffs Cavaliers

About: Red Cliffs Cavaliers is a family-centered breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels located in southern Utah. The whole family is involved in raising their puppies, ensuring they receive plenty of love and socialization from the very start. 

Red Cliffs Cavaliers breeds purebred, AKC-registered Cavaliers and recently announced their expansion to producing Cavapoos. To ensure that all of their puppies grow up to be devoted companion dogs, the breeder starts with high-quality, health-tested parents for every one of their litters.


“Not enough good things to say about Holly and her mom, Gail. Their family have been responsibly breeding and raising pups for over 20 years and once you meet their dogs, you’ll see what a difference that makes. Holly’s puppies are raised, trained, socialized, and taken care of with incredible love and dedication. By the time I picked up Charlie (penny x Elliot litter) he had already been taught his name, how to use doggy doors for potty training, and how to interact with people, dogs, and kids! Brining home a puppy can be really difficult but because Holly and Gail put in so much work on the front end, by 8 week old Red Cliff Cavalier puppies are already incredibly ready to settle and snuggle into your home and heart!”

Cavalier Love Utah

About: Cavalier Love Utah focuses on producing (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Cavapoo) puppies with excellent temperaments, intelligence, and health. The breeder raises and trains its dogs to serve as service animals and emotional support animals.

All of their parent dogs come from Champion AKC breed lines, carefully selected to pass on the “perfect Cavalier” temperament and intelligence to their offspring. The puppies are raised in loving guardian homes where they are socialized with people of all ages, ensuring perfect placements for their forever homes.

Cavalier Love Utah employs specialized veterinarians to conduct annual health and genetic testing to ensure the highest standard of health for their dogs.


“We couldn’t be happier with Cash and Belle! We get lots of compliments from strangers when we go out in public. Sharon was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the process and I highly recommend Cavalier Love Utah for anyone looking to add a new furry friend to their family!”

“We were thrilled to find Cavalier Love Utah and add Ruby to our family. She was 3 mo old when we got her and is now 6 & utterly loved by all. I highly recommend Cavalier Love Utah if you’re ready to add a happy, healthy, loving members to your family.”

Cache Valley Cavaliers

About: Cache Valley Cavaliers is a small, family-oriented breeder in northern Utah’s scenic Cache Valley area. They believe that Cavaliers are more than just pets, they are part of the family, and therefore they raise them in their living room, where they can receive daily love, socialization, and care.

Cache Valley Cavaliers is committed to adhering to the breed standards and breeder guidelines established by both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (ACKCSC). They prioritize temperament above all other characteristics, as they believe that a loving and friendly disposition is what makes a Cavalier truly special.

Testimonials: N/A

How to Choose a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder From Utah?

I have compiled a list of the most well-known Cavalier breeders in Utah to assist you. However, I must clarify that I don’t have any personal experience with these breeders, and I cannot make any promises.

Hence, it is crucial that you conduct your own research on each of them.

Nevertheless, I am willing to provide you with general tips on selecting a trustworthy breeder for your future pup.

Qualities to Look For in a Reliable Dog Breeder

Let’s begin with the most fundamental question: what qualities define a reputable dog breeder?

Characteristics of a Reputable Breeder
Raises well-socialized, happy, and healthy puppies with great temperaments
Offers a health guarantee
Shares the health history of their breeding dogs
Is transparent about their breeding program and methods
Has a written contract for the sale of their puppies
Answers all the questions you have

Raising Puppies: Reputable breeders understand the importance of early socialization, so they introduce their furry little ones to plenty of people, animals, and environments, making sure they’re confident and well-adjusted. They raise their dogs with great care and love. 

Health Guarantee: A reputable breeder prioritizes breeding healthy puppies and offers a guarantee that covers any genetic health issues that may arise.

Health History: Reputable breeders are happy to share the health history of their breeding dogs. They provide all necessary information about the health tests and clearances performed on the breeding dogs to ensure the puppies are healthy and free from any inherited health issues.

Written Contract: A reputable breeder has a written contract for the sale of their puppies. This contract outlines the responsibilities of both the breeder and the new owner.

Transparency: Reputable breeders are transparent about their breeding program and techniques. They will openly discuss any potential health issues or concerns that may arise with the breed.

Questions: A good breeder is happy to answer all the questions you have. But they should ask you questions as well. They may ask about your lifestyle, living situation, and experience with the breed to determine if you’re the right fit for their puppy.

Research Before Choosing a Breeder

Ok, this part is pretty straightforward. You need to roll up your sleeves and research, research, research.

Start by investigating their website page, Facebook, and other social media pages. Are there any comments, positive or negative? You may also ask for referrals from previous buyers.

Then, after you’ve narrowed down your selection, start making phone calls or sending emails to book your visit.

Meeting Your Potential Puppy’s Breeder

This part is super necessary if you want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder from Utah. There is no better way to get a feeling for the person you are buying your dog from than meeting him or her in person

In addition to speaking with the breeders directly during your visit, you’ll also get a firsthand peek at the facility where your potential furry friend was nurtured.

Of course, you want it to be clean and safe, and that the dogs seem happy.

And while you’re there, it’s a great idea to meet your potential pet’s parents – you might learn something interesting about your new furry friend’s genetics or temperament!

Plus, visiting the breeder is a chance to get a sense of how they treat their dogs.

Do they seem to genuinely care about their animals? Are the dogs happy and well-cared for?

Questions For a Breeder

During your visit and chit-chat, you’ll be able to get the feeling about the breeder and its care for the dogs. However, just in case, here are some questions you can ask to help you gauge their level of care. 

A few to get you started:

  • How long have they been breeding dogs?
  • Why did they choose to breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  • How many litters are produced annually?
  • What do they do to keep their Cavaliers happy and healthy?
  • How do they socialize their puppies?
  • What kind of training do they provide for their puppies?
  • What health tests do they perform?
  • Can they provide health clearances for puppy parents?
  • Do they offer any health guarantees for puppies?

How Much Do Cavalier Puppies Cost in Utah?

The cost of Cavalier puppies in Utah can vary depending on various factors such as the breeder’s reputation, puppy color variation, pedigree, and lineage. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500 for a Cavalier puppy in Utah.

You should also account for expenses like food, toys, grooming equipment, veterinary visits, and insurance, which might run you between $80 and $150 each month. 

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, when looking for Cavalier breeders, you must do your research. Look for breeders who prioritize their dogs’ health, genetics, temperament, and socialization.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, visit the breeder’s location, meet the puppy’s parents, and assess the environment. This way, you can ensure that you’re purchasing a happy and healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy from a reputable breeder who sincerely cares for their hounds.

Finally, here’s a table with contact details of Cavalier breeders from Utah.

Breeder Name Website Contact
Robin Creek Cavaliers Robin Creek Cavaliers 801-828-7496
Showdown Cavaliers Showdown Cavaliers pegd@xmission.com
Saltayre Cavaliers Saltayre Cavaliers 801-791-9861
Red Cliffs Cavaliers Red Cliffs Cavaliers redcliffscavs@yahoo.com
Cavalier Love Utah Cavalier Love Utah cavalierloveutah@gmail.com
Cache Valley Cavaliers Cache Valley Cavaliers CVCavaliers@gmail.com

Are you a Utah-based Cavalier breeder but aren’t listed here? Feel free to get in touch with us at website.ilovecavaliers@gmail.com

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