Make table scraps off limits to your dog

Image of a woman enjoying dinnerAside from the fact that you don’t want to teach your Cavalier to beg, ‘human food’ is often not a healthy choice for a dog. Our food is frequently too high in calories and fat, may not be easily digestible by your dog, and may even be harmful (e.g. chocolate, grapes, raisins, and more).

Even if you wish to feed your dog a snack while you’re at the dinner table (which we don’t recommend), choose a healthy dog biscuit designed for a dog’s nutritional needs or a small piece of fresh fruit or vegetable. Try green beans, bell peppers, carrots and even cantalope!

To avoid teaching your Cavalier King Charles the bad habit of begging from the table, take a few small pieces and put it in his regular dinner bowl, rather than feeding him by hand tableside.

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