Make feeding your dog table scraps off limits

Silhouette of a boy feeding a dog table scrapsIs it ok to feed your dog table scraps? Generally, no!

First, you want to teach your Cavalier NOT to beg. It may seem cute to have your pup beg for a treat on occasion, but it’s a bad habit.

Guests may not feel comfortable having your dog hanging around the dinner table. And begging is a small step away from aggressive food-snatching.

Secondly, ‘human food’ is sometimes an unhealthy choice for a dog. Our food is frequently too high in calories and fats and may not be easily digestible to your dog. In fact, table scraps could even be harmful (e.g., chocolate, grapes, and raisins are toxic to dogs).

Giving your dog a bone from the table can result in cracked or broken teeth or choking.

Even if you wish to give your dog a snack while you’re at the dinner table (which we don’t recommend), choose a healthy dog biscuit designed to meet a dog’s nutritional needs or a small piece of fresh fruit or vegetable. Try green beans, bell peppers, carrots, and even cantalope!

If you’re confident, the food will be safe for him, the next time you are tempted to feed your dog table scraps, take a few small pieces and put it in his regular dinner bowl, rather than feeding him by hand beneath the dinner table.

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