8 Best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders in Ohio

Are you looking to buy a Cavalier in Ohio but not sure how to choose a good breeder?

I’ve been there. And trust me, choosing the right breeder is not as easy as it may seem. To make sure you’re purchasing a puppy from a responsible breeder, you need to tick quite a few boxes.

But don’t worry; you are in the right place!

In this blog post, I’ll examine 8 of the most reliable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Ohio. In addition to customer testimonials, I’ll list each breeder’s key points.

I’ll also go through common questions you may have and provide advice on how to choose the right breeder.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies For Sale in Ohio

  • Shady Grove Cavaliers
  • Carlisle Cavaliers
  • Maple Grove Cavaliers
  • Grandeur Valley Puppies
  • Charmed Onz Cavaliers
  • Cywood’s Ohio Country Cavaliers
  • EAP Acres
  • Premier Pups

1. Shady Grove Cavaliers

Based in Charm, Shady Grove Cavaliers is a family-owned breeder company with more than 18 years of experience. Jacob, the founder, combines old-fashioned compassion in addition to the latest techniques to raise healthy and happy puppies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ongoing support after adoption
  • Puppies reservation via website
  • AKC members
  • Louisville Kennel Club champion dogs


“I bought my puppy from Shady Grove Acres. I can’t say enough good things about them. Jacob always called back if I called and always answered any question I had. My puppy came to me sweet, friendly, beautiful and happy AND absolutely perfect. I am blessed.”

“We just received our second Shady Grove Cavalier puppy in two years. Our first is a girl, Scarlett, and our newest is a boy, Rhett. Jacob raises healthy beautiful very HAPPY puppies. Jacob was very responsive to questions about availability, best practices for raising , and delivery. These puppies are amazing and a joy and we couldn’t recommend Jacob more highly.”

“We purchased our cavalier from Shady Grove 3years ago. Our dog is an absolutely amazing companion. He is very friendly, gentle and sweet. He is great with the kids and is adored by all who meet him. He loves to play outside with us and also loves a good snuggle on the couch. Thank you for the excellent addition to our family!”

2. Carlisle Cavaliers

Another popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder in Ohio, Carlisle Cavaliers, is a company known for raising well-socialized and healthy pups. Many of their puppies have champion bloodlines.

Key Takeaways:

  • All pups come from health-tested parents
  • Health contract and a one-year guarantee for every puppy
  • Customers can visit their location or use ground shipping to purchase their puppy
  • AKC registration
  • 20 years of experience


“Carlisle Cavaliers provided an excellent experience from initial inquiry, to dog selection, and when we were able to pick up our sweet tricolor Sophie Mae. I am so happy I found this great breeder and can’t say enough good things about them. I highly recommend to anyone wanting the phenomenal love sponge called the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.”

“Myron and Anna Mae were very kind and helpful. Myron answered lots of questions prior to us picking up our puppy and followed up with us afterwards to see how things were going. We love our new puppy! He’s in great health and is as sweet as can be. We would definitely adopt another puppy from them and high recommend Carlisle Cavaliers!”

3. Maple Grove Cavaliers

Raising Cavapoo and Cavalier puppies since 2003, Maple Grove Cavaliers is a family-oriented breeder who strives to offer buyers the best puppies. Allen Miller, the founder, offers to meet clients in person for a better experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Selective breeding
  • Options for air and ground pet transport
  • Ongoing communication & relationship after adoption
  • AKC registered
  • Puppies are health certified by a local veterinarian
  • Puppies come with two-week health and one-year genetic guarantee


“I absolutely love Leonardo (renamed Wolfgang “Wolfie”). He is everything I was looking for in a Cavalier. The pup was obviously well socialized and cared for. Thank you so much again!” 

“Tomorrow is his first birthday, and I just wanted to reach out to tell you the past 10 months we have had with him have been incredible and life-changing. He is the sweetest, smartest, most adorable dog there is! Everywhere we go people want to meet him and think he is adorable. We are excited about his birthday Paw-ty tomorrow and wanted to thank you for him.”

4. Grandeur Valley Puppies

Based in Apple Creek, OH, Grandeur Valley Puppies is a 5-star reviewed breeder dedicated to raising healthy pups. Besides King Charles Cavaliers, the breeder also raises two other popular breeds, Bernedoodles and Cavapoos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top-quality breeding facilities
  • Options for pet delivery
  • 6-month general health guarantee and 1-year genetics guarantee
  • AKC registered puppies


“My baby Milou just turned 2 this month and I could not be any happier. Thanks again so much as I am so lucky I found you.”

“We’ve had Henry for a year now and I would highly recommend Grandeur Valley!  His vet was very impressed by how much this breeder did for him, and also said he was a very well bred pup! He’s one of the absolute sweetest dogs and so smart! The smooth travel arrangements were done for me with ease so that was great as well.  All in all, a wonderful and exciting experience.”

“Got Teddy in July last year and he’s perfect. Will be 1 yr old in less than two weeks! Highly recommend them.”

5. Charmed Onz Cavaliers

Charmed Onz Cavaliers is a small breeder located in Arcadia, OH. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are raised in the home with their parents and are very well-socialized with adults and other dogs. Jackie, the founder, has been involved with the Cavalier breed for over 35 years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Puppies with champions in their bloodlines
  • AKC registered puppies
  • Puppies are checked by veterinarians
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, and Cockaliers puppies available


“The dogs are their babies and not just breeders as many others. Everything that was told to me about my puppies came true, such as they would sleep thru the night and are easily house broken. Lovely ladies to work with.”

“These ladies have the highest quality dogs in the best atmosphere. their pups are family and once you adopt on you are too. cannot reccomend highly enough!!”

“They are honest, loving, and knowledgeable about the breed.  They always answer any questions and offer good advise. I have the utmost respect for both.”

6. Cywood’s Ohio Country Cavaliers

Cywood’s Ohio Country Cavaliers is the last company on our list of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Ohio. According to the owners, the pups are raised with lots of love on a 100-acre farm.

Key Takeaways:

  • OFA heart-certified, eye-certified, and patella-certified 

Testimonials: N/A

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7. EAP Acres

The Cavaliers at EAP Acres (Christine and Andrew Pearl) is a family-oriented breeding program located in Jackson, Ohio, who specializes in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels breeding and dedicate themselves to raising healthy and happy puppies. Their adult cavaliers are OFA certified and genetically tested in order to provide only the highest quality cavalier puppies. Their puppies are not only well socialized with their adult cavaliers and the family’s 4 young children in their home, but they also partake in noise adaptation, texture exploration, and litter box training to instill a positive potty training foundation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adult dogs undergo OFA testing for heart, patella, and eye health, in addition to genetic testing
  • AKC registration for all puppies
  • All puppies are vet checked at 7 weeks old
  • Consistent communication throughout the raising process with the new families including frequent updates
  • All 4 standard Cavalier makings/colors in addition to chocolate and tan
  • They offer FaceTime/Zoom to meet puppies and adults


“Our experience with EAP Acres has been amazing! From the very first FaceTime to meet our future puppy, we felt like we were part of the family. We got almost weekly picture updates that were so wonderful! Christine was great at communicating with me and answering all my questions. We have had our pup {sweetie} for a week now and she has been nothing but wonderful! She has a clean bill of health from the vet, is very well socialized, and will be a wonderful addition to our family for many years to come. I will definitely be getting another puppy from them if my husband allows.”

“Our little Theo (Oreo) has been a joy from the day he came into our lives! I was looking to add a third cavalier to my home and I found Christine’s page and never looked back! She was very friendly and called me on the phone to chat about her puppies and to answer my million questions! Theo is a very social and active puppy who is always up for an adventure! He is super smart and easy to train. He is healthy and growing fast! I love how soft and shiny his coat is! He loves his people and enjoys his snuggles! It’s hard to believe he hasn’t always been here because he fits in our family so nicely and my other cavaliers love him too! Thank you for our new family member!”

8. Premier Pups

Premier Pups is a premium and one of Ohio’s most reputable dog breeder companies. The breeder is specialized in raising and selling various puppy breeds, offering a wide selection of dogs, including popular purebreds, designer breeds, and mixed breeds. 

  • All puppies are AKC registered
  • All puppies come with a health guarantee
  • Customers can purchase puppy accessories and insurance via the website
  • Visits by appointment only
  • Transportation for the puppies to their new homes
  • Ongoing support for customers


“I had a great experience with Premier Pups! They were very helpful, friendly, and thorough. I especially love how they check in with you every once in a while to see how things are going for your pup. I’m happy I adopted my puppy from Premier Pups.”

“We loved every step of the process! Our puppy was exactly what they told us! His name is Bentley & he loves his Desert home in Scottsdale~ he’s always happy and becoming a great swimmer! He just turned 1 and we got a birthday wish from Premier Pups”

How to Choose a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder in Ohio?

Picking the right breeder can be challenging. I know. This is particularly true if you are a first-time dog owner and don’t really know what to look for.

Here are some things you should look for when choosing a breeder.

Find Out More About Breeders

Ok, I’ve helped you by making this shortlist of popular Cavalier breeders in Ohio, but you still need to do your homework. I am unfamiliar with any of these companies, so I can’t give guarantees. 

The first step is to look for more information about each of them via their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Making phone calls is the second step. This will help you narrow down your selections even more.

I mean, why would you even bother visiting a breeder if the first impression was not good?

Meet Breeders in Person

There is no better way to learn more about the breeder than by meeting in person. You’ll also get a sense of the environment in which your potential pup was nurtured.

This leads us to the next step.

Ask Questions

You’re about to get yourself a new family member, so make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Remember, there are no silly questions.

Here are some examples that you can use as a starting point:

-When did they start breeding dogs, and why?
-How many dogs do they have?
-How many litters are produced per year?
-Can you meet the puppy’s parents?
-Are puppy parents registered with the AKC?
-What health tests do they perform on puppies?
-What kind of diet do puppies have?

Besides these, you’ll probably get a feeling about the breeder simply through a conversation.

Also, keep in mind that this shouldn’t be a one-way conversation. Breeders who genuinely care for their puppies will also ask you many questions back.

If that’s not the case, this breeder is probably the wrong choice.

High-quality and reputable breeders want their puppies to be happy, and they’ll make sure they’re in good hands.

Health and Pedigree Check

An honest and quality breeder will provide you with a health history of their breeding dogs without you needing to ask, including the details about their parents and occasionally grandparents.

You want to find a puppy with a heritage of dogs who lived long, healthy lives. Most reputable breeders will also give you some sort of health guarantee.

Also, don’t forget a written contract. Most breeders will draw up a contract since this is a usual business practice; however, if the breeder refuses to do so – it’s a red flag.

What is the price of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Price in Ohio?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies cost about $1,500 on average. Still, prices might vary from $1,500 to $3,50 depending on several things, including breeder, age, color, lineage, and pedigree.

This is the initial, one-time cost you pay when buying Cavaliers, and the additional costs are separate. However, most owners typically spend between $80 and $150 per month on food, insurance, grooming, toys, feeding supplies, and health examinations.

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