What If Cavalier Could Text? 11 Messages Your Dog Would Send You!

Ever wondered what goes through your Cavalier’s mind during those long stares? Well, if they had a phone, you wouldn’t have to.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of laughter as we explore the texts your Cavalier would send.

Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of strategic planning for the next treat heist and some serious negotiations for bedtime arrangements.

Get ready for a glimpse into the secret life of your furry monarch.

1. The Early Morning Wake-Up

  • Text: “Morning! I’ve been awake for 3 whole minutes and you’re not. This is unacceptable. Also, I’ve considered eating my bed. Thoughts? 🤔🐾”

2. The Food Critic

  • Text: “Just checked my bowl. We seem to be experiencing a disappointing lack of bacon. Please advise. 🥓😒”

3. The Bathroom Update

  • Text: “You’ll be proud! Took myself for a walk. Bathroom situation: sorted. Carpet situation: also sorted. 😇”

4. The Squirrel Negotiator

  • Text: “Update: The squirrel is back. We are in negotiations. I have offered barking. He remains unimpressed. Further instructions? 🐿️🔊”

5. The Separation Anxiety

  • Text: “It’s been 7 minutes since you left. I’ve forgotten what you look like. Are we ever seeing each other again? 😢”

6. The Guilty Conscience

  • Text: “Hypothetically, if something was chewed that shouldn’t be, how mad would you be? Asking for a friend. 😬👀”

7. The Royal Check-In

  • Text: “Dearest human, I’ve surveyed the kingdom (backyard) today. All peasants (squirrels) are in order. How fares your quest for treats? 👑🐾

8. The Couch Potato

  • Text: “Decided to help by testing the couch’s durability. 4 hours in, holding strong. Will continue this critical work. 💤”

9. The Cuddle Request

  • Text: “I’ve noticed you’re sitting down without me on your lap. Seems like an oversight. Shall I correct it? 🥺💖

10. The Goodnight Wish

  • Text: “If you’re not too busy, I’ve prepared a spot for you on the bed. By spot, I mean 5%. Night! 😴❤️”

11. The Royal Complaint

  • Text: “I’ve noticed the pillow arrangement is less than regal tonight. Require immediate fluffing for my royal comfort. Please assist. 🛏️👸

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