6 Things Cavaliers Love More Thank You Think

Ever wondered what makes a Cavalier’s tail wag or their eyes sparkle with happiness?

It’s a blend of age-old instincts, modern-day comforts, and an unyielding love for their human companions.

Join me as I uncover the top six things that every Cavalier loves.

6 Things Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Loves 

  1. Lap Cuddling
  2. Eat
  3. Chase Animals
  4. Sleep
  5. Sniff Everything
  6. You

Lap Cuddling

Have you ever noticed how a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel seems to magnetically gravitate towards your lap? But why do they, out of all activities, choose your lap? Well, it’s in their DNA.

Historically cherished by royalty, they’ve become connoisseurs of intimate, snug interactions. Your lap isn’t a seating spot. It’s a haven of warmth, trust, and shared affection.

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Any Cavalier owner knows that look – the one that says, “Is it mealtime yet?”. It’s a beautiful dance of anticipation and joy.

Yet, it’s essential to remember that their love for food, if unchecked, can tip them into obesity’s territory. As guardians of their well-being, we need to be vigilant, marrying their food passions with the right portions and nutrition.

Chase Animals

The sudden zest your Cavalier shows when a squirrel dashes by or a bird flutters close isn’t just playful energy; it’s a nod to their deep-rooted hunting heritage.

Every swift turn, eager bark, and intent gaze harkens back to a time when their ancestors were skilled hunters. Their passion for the chase, more than the catch, is a testament to this legacy.

Isn’t it fascinating how even in our modern world, these age-old instincts shine through?


Cavaliers have turned sleep into an art form. They’ll find that one sunlit patch on the floor, curling up with grace and ease.

Within moments, they drift into dreams, their tiny paws twitching with imagined adventures. It’s a deep, contented slumber, where they recharge and reset.

Their serene expressions? Pure bliss. In these moments of repose, we see a side of our beloved companions that’s tender and peaceful.

Sniff Everything

Every walk with a Cavalier is an olfactory adventure. Thanks to their amazing sense of smell, they approach the world with their noses first.

A simple twig? It tells a tale of the squirrel that scampered earlier. That patch of grass? A stage where countless stories unfold.

For them, each scent is a chapter, a clue, a moment captured in time.


To your Cavalier, you are the center of their universe. From the moment you step into the room, their attention shifts, their tails wag, and an unmistakable glow lights up their eyes.

You are more than just their owner; you’re their confidant, their parent, and their most cherished companion. Every gesture you make, every word you speak, holds significance to them.

They hang on to your routines, find comfort in the predictability, and bask in the spontaneous moments of play and affection.

Final Words

And while there are undoubtedly many other things that Cavaliers adore, the six mentioned here stand out as particular favorites. Every Cavalier is unique, and individual dogs may have their own preferences. 

If you’re a proud Cavalier owner, I’d love to hear what makes your furry friend’s tail wag. Share your experiences in the comments and let us know what your Cavalier loves the most.

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