How to Tell if Your Cavalier Really Loves You (11 Signs)

How does your Cavalier say “I love you”? While they might not have words, their actions speak volumes.

If you’ve ever wondered how your Cavalier truly feels about you, you’re in the right place.

Here, I decode the loving gestures and signs that reveal the depth of their affection.

11 Signs Your Cavalier Loves You

  • Tail Wagging
  • Follows You Around
  • Licking or Kissing
  • Nuzzling or Resting Their Head on You
  • Excited Greetings
  • Crying When You Leave
  • Bringing You Their Toys
  • Playful Behavior Towards You
  • Curling Up in Your Clothing or Belongings
  • Nudging or Pawing for Attention
  • Happy Around You

Tail Wagging Enthusiastically

Have you ever walked through the door after a long day and been greeted by that unmistakable, energetic tail wag? It’s more than just a simple gesture.

When your Cavalier’s tail is swishing vigorously from side to side, it’s their way of saying, “I’m thrilled you’re here!”

This enthusiastic tail wag is a pure expression of joy and a strong indicator that your pet deeply cherishes your presence.

Following You Around 

Ever felt like you have a tiny shadow trailing behind you? If your Cavalier consistently follows you from room to room, it’s a clear sign of their devotion.

Why do they do this? It’s simple. They want to be near you. Your presence offers them comfort, security, and happiness.

Moreover, this behavior isn’t just about keeping an eye on you. It’s an act of companionship. I think of it as their version of holding hands.

Licking or Giving “Kisses”

Licking is deeply rooted in a dog’s behavior, dating back to their early days as puppies. When your Cavalier showers you with licks or gives you those gentle “kisses,” they’re expressing affection in one of the most direct ways they know how.

These kisses signify trust, attachment, and a bond that’s been cultivated over time. It’s their way of saying, “You’re special to me, and I feel safe with you.”

While for some, it might just be a wet sensation on the skin, for a Cavalier, it’s a gesture filled with emotion and care.

Nuzzling or Resting Their Head on You

There’s something undeniably touching about a Cavalier gently nuzzling up to you or resting their soft head on yours.

A nuzzle is their silent way of drawing closer, seeking your presence, and expressing trust. By resting their head on you, they’re sharing a quiet moment, conveying a depth of affection words can’t capture.

Ever felt that weight on your chest? It’s love. Heavy, pure, and profound.

Excitement When You Come Home

The door opens, and in an instant, a burst of energy rushes towards you. Those bright eyes, perked-up ears, and joyful barks? It’s more than just a greeting.

Your Cavalier’s exuberant reaction upon your return isn’t merely about the fact that you’ve been away. It’s a celebration of you. Every jump, every wag, every eager whimper communicates a simple message: “I missed you.”

Their joy when they see you walk into the house is a daily reminder of how important you are to them and how much they love you.

Whining or Crying When You Leave

Building on that excitement when you return, there’s an equally telling behavior on the other end: the heart-tugging whine or cry when you’re about to leave. It’s the other side of the coin, where love manifests as separation anxiety.

To your Cavalier, King Charles, your absence creates a void. The house feels emptier, the moments longer.

Understanding this behavior is crucial. While it’s endearing to be so loved, it’s also essential to ensure our pets cope well when we’re not around. After all, their happiness is a reflection of how we express love to our Cavaliers.

Bringing You Toys

There it is again: your Cavalier trotting over, toy in mouth, dropping it at your feet. But this isn’t just about playtime or seeking attention.

It’s a gift. A gesture.

For dogs, toys aren’t just playthings; they often hold sentimental value. So when your Cavalier brings you their cherished toy, it’s sharing something dear to him or her. It’s as if they’re saying, “This makes me happy, and I want to share that happiness with you.”

Moreover, this act is a display of trust. By offering you their prized possession, Cavvies show they believe in your care for them and their belongings.

Playful Behavior Initiated Towards You

A gentle nudge, a playful bark, or those endearing “play bows” – when your Cavalier initiates these playful behaviors towards you, they’re sharing a unique language of love.

Play isn’t just for fun. It’s a bonding ritual.

When your Cavalier engages you in their games, besides entertainment, it also seeks a deeper connection.

These playful moments strengthen your bond. Each laugh, each tug-of-war, and each chase strengthen the invisible thread connecting you two.

Curling Up in Your Clothing or Belongings

You find them again: nestled amidst your freshly laundered clothes or snuggled into that sweater you left on the bed. At first glance, it might seem like mere comfort-seeking, but it’s not.

It’s about familiarity. Scent.

Your belongings carry your unique scent, a fragrance your Cavalier finds comforting and soothing. By curling up in your clothes, you’re dog immerses itself in your essence, finding solace in what reminds them of you.

So now you know that your Cavalier is using your clothing for more than simply a soft area. It demonstrates how deeply they love you.

Trying to Get Your Attention by Nudging or Pawing

Have you ever been engrossed in something, only to feel a gentle nudge on your leg or a soft paw tapping your hand? That’s your Cavalier’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m here, and I’d love some of your attention.”

These subtle gestures represent their desire for interaction and their wish to share a moment with you.

Whether it’s a need for cuddling season, play, or simply to be noticed, nudging and pawing are your Cavalier’s gentle reminders of the bond you both share.

Displaying a General Sense of Happiness When with You

Here we are, at the last sign on our list, but certainly not the least. In fact, it’s perhaps the most encompassing: a general aura of happiness your Cavalier radiates when they’re with you.

You’ve seen it. You’ve felt it. That contented sigh as they lie beside you, the spark in their eyes when they look up at you, and the relaxed demeanor they carry when in your presence.

Your Cavalier doesn’t need grand gestures to show love. Sometimes, it’s the quiet moments, the unspoken emotions, and the simple joy they exhibit when they’re with you that speak the loudest.

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