Easy steps to puppy proof your house

Graphic image of the 3 steps to puppy proofing your house.Getting your house ready for a new puppy is an easy 3- step process.

Create a space

Your puppy isn’t housebroken nor familiar with your home. Allowing your new Cavalier too much freedom isn’t wise for either you or your pup.

As dogs are den animals, your puppy wants a safe place to call his own. For the first several months, at a minimum, this means a small crate.

Eventually, your puppy will graduate to a larger pen enclosure or a small room restricted with baby gates, but it may be a year or more before your Cavalier feels comfortable roaming the house freely.

Remove dangerous (or delicious) items

Cover electrical outlets and remove lamps or appliances with electrical cords from your puppy’s area. Tie drapery cords out of reach, and consider childproof latches on cabinets.

Discard insect or rodent bait traps, and be careful with household floor and other cleaning products that could be harmful to a tiny Cavalier.

Think with your nose and take care that food items, clothing, and shoes (especially those shoes) are out of reach!

Give your new puppy something to do

Your Cavalier puppy will spend a lot of time sleeping, but when awake, your new family pet will need a distraction to keep out of trouble.

Chews or toys keep your Cavalier busy and help with teething. Some pets respond well to the noise of a radio or TV playing nearby.

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