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Questions to ask before boarding your dog

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  • Location of the boarding kennel
  • Business hours (and pet pick up / drop off hours)
  • Range of services available (just boarding? or do they offer doggie day care, walks, play times, bathing, grooming, etc?)
  • Rates for boarding (and charges for “extras” like walks and giving medications)


  • Type of kennel area that will be provided for your dog.
  • Does each kennel have an inside as well as outdoor area? (Can your dog relieve himself a good distance away from where he will sleep?)
  • Are the kennels protected from the weather and/or temperature controlled?
  • Is bedding provided, or just a cement floor?
  • If I have more than one dog, can they boarding together in the same kennel?


  • Is fresh water available to your pet at all times?
  • What brand of pet food does the kennel offer? Many kennels control costs by using commercial pet foods that are not the best natural pet foods.
  • If you would prefer to bring your pet’s own food from home, will there be a surcharge?
  • Will they accept a pet that required medication? (Some kennels may refuse depending on your pet’s illness in order to avoid infecting other animals on premises. Other kennels may take your pet, but keep him in a separate “quarantined” area of their facility.)


  • Do they have staff on hand around the clock, or only during office hours?
    Does a staff member supervise the dogs during group exercise at all times?
  • Do they have a Veterinarian available in case of emergency?
  • What documents do they require from their boarding clients (generally, proof of vaccination)?

Be sure to “test drive” a boarding kennel you haven’t used in the past.





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