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Are you looking to promote your pet business online, but don’t want to start from scratch?  I Love Cavaliers offers you an immediate web presence and content-rich website that can be easily adapted to promote your business, whether you are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder or just selling pet food and pet industry products online.

What’s included

The following items are included in the offer for sale:

Extensive web content –  More than 50 webpages/blogposts of relevant content are currently hosted by The account will be transferred into your name by changing the account ownership details on the hosting plan. The hosting account has been paid in full through August 5, 2022.

Domain names and – authorization codes will be provided to transfer the domain names so they may be re-registered in your name.

Facebook Page – the I Love Cavaliers Facebook page is included with this package. Administrative control of the Facebook page will be transferred over to you.

Pinterest Account – the I Love Cavaliers Pinterest account is also included. You will be provided with the username and password to provide control over the Pinterest account is transferred over to you, ensuring all pins and other content with their links to the website are properly maintained. This account has 147 followers and enjoys 21.4K monthly views.

There’s no need to recreate the wheel. In short, the I Love Cavaliers website, domain name, and two social media accounts will be transferred into your name to ensure all content remains intact. The website will remain active as you take your time modifying the content, links, etc. to support your business.

I Love Cavaliers Domain

The domain was initially purchased in 2004 and has been a constant online presence for the past 18 years. The following chart shows the MOZ domain authority ranking for

Domain authority for I Love CavaliersIt can take years for a new domain to be recognized and website content to be completely indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines. Buying a long-established domain and website like gives your business an instant boost compared to the time and effort of building a web presence from scratch!

Website Platform

The I Love Cavaliers website is built on the easy-to-use WordPress platform hosted by WordPress makes content creation simple without requiring advanced technical expertise.  The website is optimized for traditional online viewing and to be mobile friendly. A variety of simple tools included in WordPress will help:

  • Gather daily/weekly/monthly site statistics on visitors, demographics, top content pages, and best key words
  • Analyze the SEO impact of each webpage or blogpost, providing helpful tips for improving rankings
  • Integrate social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more
  • Optimize website photos to maximize the download speed of each webpage or post

Even with only basic computer skills, it is unlikely you will need to hire outside help to manage the current website or to make modest changes to adapt the site for your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be a long, difficult and costly process.  I Love Cavaliers has built its search results over the past two decades to the point where approximately 1,000 people visit the I Love Cavaliers website each week. The fact that these visitors are attracted to the site organically – without paying for web advertising – means our search engine rankings and social media referrals are sustainable. (You won’t see traffic fall off dramatically the day after you buy this website, because we won’t be turning off any expensive pay-per-click ad campaign!)

Naturally, no one can guarantee that website traffic and search engine rankings won’t change. But it is reasonable to expect that the level of organic traffic will continue at approximately the same level with only basic website maintenance on your part.

Google Page Rankings

Though search rankings change constantly, at the time of this writing, we enjoy First Page Google search rankings for numerous key word searches. The webpages below are just a few of our first page google rankings based on relevant search terms.

Facebook Page

More than 4,500 Facebook users have “liked” the I-Love-Cavaliers Facebook page.  This is an untapped resource for someone interested in growing their business, as to date, we have rarely posted anything here and have never bought Facebook ads. Yet we get referrals to the website from our Facebook page regularly.


The I Love Cavaliers Pinterest account has more than 25 boards and 380 pins that support the I Love Cavaliers website.  With 147 followers, this social media account enjoys 12.4 monthly views.


I Love Cavaliers was initially built from the ground up as a classroom assignment while the webmaster was learning html. The site was primarily maintained as a hobby out of the love for our Cavalier “Bentley.”  Although there are a few links to Amazon and Life’s Abundance products (for which the webmaster earns a modest commission), monetizing this website has never been the webmaster’s primary goal.

The fact that I Love Cavaliers offers more than 50 pages of informative pet-related content means there are numerous ways this website could be used to provide traffic/customers/referrals at a profit.


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Building and developing the I Love Cavaliers website was a joy for us.  Now that we’re retired, it’s time to allow someone else to take this website to the next level. Why not you?

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