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To add your Cavalier's picture to Bentley's Photo Album, please email your photo to Bentley here.

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Meet Tinka

Tinka and Roxi,
                                                Cavalier King Charles

"My new little girl’s name is Tinka Belle (we just call her Tinka).

She was only a half a kilogram when she was born and the breeder did not think she would live, but she had the fighting spirit and still has and is now 4 months old and 2.5kg and doing well in her new home, and getting on well with Roxi my other girl. 

She has already been to the beach,( I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia) and can already swim. Amazing for such a tiny girl."
                      ~ Alison

Alison, thanks for sending us photos of your new little darling, Tinka!  Nice to know that Roxi has such an adorable new sidekick!

Will YOU be Bentley's New Best Friend?

Ruby Cavalier King
                                              Charles Spaniel

Bentley is looking for a new best friend! 

Email us your pet's photo and tell us a little bit about your Cavalier.

Come back here soon to meet Bentley's New Best Friend!


How Shasta Got Her Name

Shasta is
                                              a Ruby Cavalier King
                                              Charles Spaniel

"Hello Bentley! My name is Shasta. I am a 6 month old ruby girl and am named after my mom's favorite flower, the shasta daisy. It seemed a bit more unique than being called Daisy!

I love the outdoors, especially the beach (but not the big waves!) but I don't like sitting still anyplace by myself for long so this picture was unusual!

I like to play and chase my human brothers who are 3 and 6. I also love to sit on the sofa on my mom's or dad's lap at night when those noisy boys are finally asleep!

I love to meet people, especially children who like to pet me at the school where Mom teaches kindergarten. I also love other dogs, and am encouraging my big yellow lab older brother to get out and play again in his old age!"

Shasta, we're glad you stayed still long enough for your best friend, Monica, to take this gorgeous picture of you!  Thanks for sending it!

What's Your Best Friend's Name?

Bentley is a playful Blenheim
                                      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.What's your Cavalier's name? 

Send us an email telling us what you named your pet and

Did you name your Cavalier "Monday" because that was the day he was born? Or do you call your pet "Sugar" because she's so sweet.?

Describe your dog's sex, breed (if not a Cavalier), color, age and personality. Send us a photo, too, if you have a one!

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